My Blog

Greens and Giggles has been in the making for a long time.  Every since reading my first food blog I fell in love; the sharing of a mutual admiration for recipes and excitement over food to come is just right for me.  The time has finally arrived for me to put pen to paper (in a figurative sense) and to get started.  The title of this blog is inspired by the plethora of greens that we get each week and the giggles that fill our home with our new baby.


The Story

For the second summer, we have signed up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program with Genesis Growers, a farm in north-central Illinois.  One of the highlights of our week, we take a stroll on Tuesday evenings to pick up the contents of our weekly farm box and find out what surprises lay inside.  We receive vegetables, fruit, herbs, and sometimes dry goods.  It is a lot of fun to search for recipes for the interesting box contents, such as the Lamb’s Quarter we received a few weeks ago,  and to work our way through a fridge filled with healthy ingredients.  I want to track the dishes that I make with these ingredients so that I can remember them in future seasons.

Cooking Philosophy

I try to focus on the seasonal ingredients that we cook with–from the farmer’s market or our CSA farm box from Genesis Growers.  It is a lot of fun to get new ingredients each week and to plan interesting recipes to use everything up.  I like trying to use up all the random ingredients in my pantry, but also don’t hesitate to buy one or two special ingredients to amp up my recipe (pomegranate molasses–I’m looking at you!).  I am also excited about making homemade, nutritious food for my baby–and am currently amazed by the things she agrees to eat.

Our Team

I am the meal planner and head chef in the kitchen.  I am supported by my sous-chef husband Andy, who diligently cooks, stirs, chops, and cleans as needed.  Baby N is a recent addition to the team–so far she likes eating anything soft and mushy that we put in front of her.


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