Baby finally eats…

As someone who loves cooking, it was really exciting when my baby started eating her first solids!  Even the first purees were exciting for me.  I steamed and pureed apple, pear, squash, and peas.  She HATED the peas (I mean, would you like to eat mushy peas?), but gobbled everything else up.  Now that we are onto chewing, making her food has gotten so much more fun.  With our farm box, I get new vegetables every week to cook up for her.  Last week, we got some adorable small summer squashes.  I peeled them, chopped into small pieces, and sauteed in olive oil with garlic from Henry’s Farm at the Evanston farmer’s market and dried oregano from our spring farm box.  The result?  Perfect FINGER food for Baby N to munch on.

Summer squash!

Cooking the squash with garlic and oregano

Making Nava’s food for the week ahead of time! Steamed carrots, cooked squash, and white bean rosemary spread.