Refreshing Cucumber Drink — Two Ways

The first summer that we got a farm box from Genesis Growers, it was the summer of the cabbage.  It felt like we were getting cabbage week after week after week.  I had to get creative to figure out uses for cabbage night after night.  Since then, I’ve cataloged cabbage recipes in preparation.  However, almost disappointingly,  this summer has not been the summer of the cabbage.  Instead, it has been the summer of the cucumber…beautiful fresh cucumbers.  And we just haven’t been able to keep up with them.

To quickly keep up with the cucumbers each week, I have made two different cucumbers smoothie recipes.  The first is not very pretty, but it was darn good and a great way to get my vegetables in the morning.   I found the idea on Joy The Baker and blended together frozen strawberries, almond milk, and a whole cucumber.  It wasn’t very sweet, but it hit the spot that morning.

My second cucumber drink was icier and more refreshing.  I found the idea somewhere online, but can’t remember where right now (call it “Tired Mommy Syndrome”).  I blended together lots of ice, 1 whole cucumber, honey and lime juice.  Voila!  Instant icy treat to wash down our meal.

Now I am prepared for our next influx of cucumbers.  When I just can’t get to them in time, I’ll be ready with some quick ideas to make my veggie drinkable.

I drank it before I could take a picture…frothy and soothing

Cool and refreshing on a hot summer’s day

WOULD I MAKE THIS AGAIN? Yes, and I have already.

FOR NEXT TIME: Use a bit more honey if not feeding to baby, makes it more palatable for the hubby.

WHAT DID BABY THINK? She tried the Strawberry Cucumber Almond Milk Smoothie.  After a few seconds, I realized that I shouldn’t have given it to her since I hadn’t given her nuts yet and I remembered there was almond milk in it, but luckily she was fine.  She thought it was really fun to drink and kept smiling.