It is easy being GREEN

As the name of this blog suggests, during the summer CSA season, we consume a lot of greens.  In last week’s e-mail, Farmer Vicki told us that her grandmother always said that greens are prevalent in the spring because our bodies need revitalization and cleansing.  I couldn’t agree more!  Since our CSA box started this year, it has been so much easier to focus on healthier recipes and lighter foods with the bounty of vegetables filling our fridge.

For my first post on the Greens + Giggles blog, I thought it would be apropos to start with a greens recipe.  Kale is one of my favorite greens–while spinach wilts quickly, kale is stronger and heartier.  In the winter, I love making a hearty kale soup with white beans, but given the advent of warm weather I decided to make some tasty snacking kale chips.  Several years ago I saw an article in Bon Appetit with kale chips delicately displayed in a glass and ever since I make kale chips ever now and then.  I don’t follow a recipe–but splash some high quality olive oil and sea salt and bake at 350°F until crispy, about 15 minutes.


FOR NEXT TIME: Remember that kale chips get soggy when stored on the counter or the fridge.  Make enough to consume at the moment.  If you do accidentally make to many, you can recrisp them in the oven but you risk burning the chips.